TG Bike

Tracking Genie Bike TG Bike is a miniature, easy to install tracker needing very little space. It provides Real-time Monitoring using TG world class cloud servers with 99.99% uptime.

TG Ultra

TG Ultra is designed for customers that simply need 24X7 location information (Tracking) of their fleet or vehicle.

TG Ultra Plus

TG Ultra+ comes with all the features of TG Ultra in addition to capability of remotely stopping the vehicle with a simple SMS command or by pressing a button from the Tracking Genie mobile app.

TG Lite Plus

TG LITE Plus is designed for customers advanced features of Tracking and Remote Immobilization that keeps the track of various features of vehicles like ignition, air condition etc.

TG Super

TG Super is designed and well suited for customers that in addition to feature of TG Ultra and TG Lite have the need for Fuel Monitoring, Camera or RFID based access and more.

TG Asset

Magnetic Asset Tracker's Fleet Management solution has been invaluable in optimizing our delivery operations. The Real time view of the vehicle's location enables optimization management of the vehicle.

Commercial Vehicle Tracking

Closely INTEGRATED hardware and software

A single platform for all your workforce management needs. We can provide a blended solution across vehicles and mobile devices, extending your visibility both inside and away from the vehicle.